Rustic Leaf Brews 

Newbies (American IPA) –  7.5%

Our all Centennial hopped american IPA. Named after our founder, and his love for this floral and citrusy hop! The Centennial dry hop adds even more to the standard profile of this great american IPA!

Rustic Leaf Amber (Amber/Red) – Flagship – 6.3%

Deep amber in color, malty, clean, with small fruity ester hints from the yeast. A simple, yet complex beer that bears our name, and defines our journey.

Toes In The Sand (American Wheat) – 6.8%

An American wheat designed to be enjoyed on those hot summer days. Easy drinking, and perfectly paired for your BBQ. Dry hopped with sweet orange peel, and local honey.

Spiced Apples (Cider) – 6.8%

A traditional semi sweet cider, with subtle hints of winter spices.  Grab a glass, sit back, and enjoy some nice apples!

 Rotating Taps 

Imperial Soviet Breakfast (Russian Imperial Stout) – 11.2%

Pours black as night, and as thick as oil.  Don’t let the sweet nose fool you.  The extra thick body is a perfect mix of chocolate, coffee, and roasted character.  The perfect breakfast beer for any Soviet table!

Go-Zilla (Gose w/GInger & Hibiscus) – 5.5%

Brewed with hibiscus and fresh ginger. Nose is floral, with a slight hint of ginger. At first sip, the salt and sour hit right away, but quickly mellow into a beautiful mixture of floral notes, with a very faint hint of ginger. It finishes wonderfully with all those floral notes tantalizing your palate.

Noctem Aeternum (American Stout) – 6.5%

An American Stout packed with roasted notes, chocolate, and caramel. Finishes clean, and pours as black as night. 

Muggle Fuggle (English Brown Ale) – 4.5%

Hey there you muggle! Our Northern English Brown is made using only Fuggle hops. The nose is slightly nutty, and malt forward. A dark brown ale with biscuit, toffee, and slightly nutty profile transition into the pleasant Fuggle hop flavors of grass and floral tones. Even Harry approves!

Rustic Bock (German Doppelbock) – 8.2%

Don’t let the dark color fool you.  Hints of dried fruit, and a full malt profile balance this beer.  This German lager has richly developed flavors that finish incredibly smooth.

Hazy Thoughts (NEIPA w/White Grape Juice added) – 7.1%

Your mind goes hazy as you try to wrap it around the mix of flavors in this beer.  Brewed with Simcoe, Citra, Calypso, and a massive Hallertau Blanc dryhop.  We added white grape juice to round out the fruit flavor, and accent the dry hop qualities.  A full silky body, with just the right amount of hop flavor!

**Please note that this list differs from the list of beers currently on tap at Rustic Leaf Brewery. To see the most current beers on tap, check our social media outlets, contact us, or just stop in!**

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