Rustic Leaf Brews 

Newbies (American IPA) –  7.5%

Our all Centennial hopped american IPA. Named after our founder, and his love for this floral and citrusy hop! The Centennial dry hop adds even more to the standard profile of this great american IPA!

Rustic Leaf Amber (Amber/Red) – Flagship – 4.9%

Deep amber in color, malty, clean, with small fruity ester hints from the yeast. A simple, yet complex beer that bears our name, and defines our journey.

Toes In The Sand (American Wheat) – 6.8%

An American wheat designed to be enjoyed on those hot summer days. Easy drinking, and perfectly paired for your BBQ. Dry hopped with sweet orange peel, and local honey.

Nice Apples (Cider) – 6.6%

A traditional Semi sweet cider. Grab a glass, sit back and enjoy some nice apples!

 Rotating Taps 

Toes Gone Wild (Sour – Ale) – 6.7%

Our Toes in The Sand with a wild fermentation twist.

Port 59 (Porter) – 5.3%

Our robust porter with vanilla. Roasted and coffee notes dominate your palate, leading the way to a flood of vanilla. All sails ahead as we set sail for Port 59!

Unicorn Murder Scene (Sour) – 6.6%  Collaboration brew with our friends at Aberrant Ales

Blackberry Kettle Sour. Pours with purple body and pink head. Smells like sour skittles and light grain. Tart blackberry and citrus upfront and through the middle, fading to a light wheat presence and citrus hops. Low perceived bitterness. Moderate acidity. Dry. Easy to drink and refreshing.

Earth Blood (American IPA) – 6.5%

Brewed with a plentiful amount of tropical hops. The nose and color match the juicy pulp of blood orange. A sweet smooth melody between the distinct fruits flavor, and citrus forward hops, leaves you wanting more!

Charmy Brown (American Brown Ale) – 6.5%

This beer pours a deep brown, with an amber hue. Crisp and clean smelling, with hints of bread, toast, and slight nut flavors. Medium bodied, with a clean smooth finish.

No Weizen The Joo-oose (Weizenbock) – 5.4%

A traditional combination of a German Weissbier, and Doppelbock. Wheat Malt, banana, and hints of clove start your journey. The full body is a beautiful mixture of malt richness, followed by faint hints of banana yeast character, and even a faint hint of dark fruit flavor.

**Please note that this list differs from the list of beers currently on tap at Rustic Leaf Brewery. To see the most current beers on tap, check our social media outlets, contact us, or just stop in!**

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