Rustic Leaf Brews 

Newbies (American IPA) –  7.5%

Our all Centennial hopped american IPA. Named after our founder, and his love for this floral and citrusy hop! The Centennial dry hop adds even more to the standard profile of this great american IPA!

Rustic Leaf Amber (Amber/Red) – Flagship – 4.9%

Deep amber in color, malty, clean, with small fruity ester hints from the yeast. A simple, yet complex beer that bears our name, and defines our journey.

Toes In The Sand (American Wheat) – 6.8%

An American wheat designed to be enjoyed on those hot summer days. Easy drinking, and perfectly paired for your BBQ. Dry hopped with sweet orange peel, and local honey.

Nice Pear w/ Strawberry (Cider) – 6.3%

A traditional pear cider with Strawberries added.

 Rotating Taps 

Sunrise Stout (Stout) – 6.2%

Brewed with fresh roasted Sumatra coffee, and maple syrup. The dark roasted coffee leads the nose, but quickly fades into the subtle sweet notes of maple. The perfect beer to share on these chilly winter mornings over breakfast. The maple finish mixes well with a fresh stack of hotcakes!

Farmers Tan (Belgian Saison) – 6.8%

A traditional tasting Belgian Saison. At first smell you pick up hints of coriander, and noticable clove characteristics due to the high fermentation temperature. This pairs perfectly with the warm summer harvest weather.

Tropical Libation (Tropical Fruit Gose) – 4.9%

Our base recipe for a traditional Gose. We added ample amounts of fruit, including, raspberries, peaches, oranges, sweet cherries, and pineapple to create a refreshing tropical drink indicative of those warm climate islands.

Yllid Yllid Titanium (Strong American Adjunct Lager) – 6.8%

A stronger easy drinking version of our Yllid Yllid. Made in true American lager style, the ingredients include only malt, rice, hops, and yeast. It may not be the King of Beers, but we are pretty sure its crown is made of this.

Wall of Voodoo (Mexican Lager with sea salt and lime) – 5.4%
Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Fillmore 13 Brewery

A Mexican style lager brewed with generous amounts of sea salt and lime.

Barley Able To Stand (American Barleywine) – 8.5%

Malt and classic American hops showcase this deep amber American rendition. A subtle sweetness followed by a faint hint of alcohol lead the nose. The very full body shifts into faint, sweet hints of caramel, bread, and a hint of alcohol. Served in our 10oz snifter, indulging in one too many may result in you being barley able to stand.

**Please note that this list differs from the list of beers currently on tap at Rustic Leaf Brewery. To see the most current beers on tap, check our social media outlets, contact us, or just stop in!**

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