Rustic Leaf Brews 

Rustic Leaf Amber (Amber/Red) – Flagship – 4.9%

Deep amber in color, malty, clean, with small fruity ester hints from the yeast. A simple, yet complex beer that bears our name, and defines our journey.

Nice Apples (Cider) – 6.6%

A traditional Semi sweet cider. Grab a glass, sit back and enjoy some nice apples!

 Rotating Taps 

Toes Gone Wild (Sour – Ale) – 6.7%

Our Toes in The Sand with a wild fermentation twist.

Barley Able To Stand (Barleywine) – 8.5%

Malt and classic American hops showcase this deep amber American rendition. A subtle sweetness followed by a faint hint of alcohol lead the nose. The very full body shifts into faint, sweet hints of caramel, bread, and a hint of alcohol. Served in our 10oz snifter, indulging in one too many may result in you being barley able to stand.

Big Red Rocket (Red Ale – Imperial / Double) – 8.1%

The deep amber hue excites the eyes. An ample cascade dry hop starts the launch, and transitions into a blast of flavor from the American hops, and ample malt backbone. The finish is clean and smooth, with a subtle hint of hop bite that helps to balance the full body.

Trip-Trap (Belgian Tripel) – 9.5%

The nose is that of a traditional Belgian Trappist Ale. Hints of fruit and slight alcohol lead way. Slightly spicy and sweet, yet smooth, and a slight alcohol warmth. Incredibly smooth and dangerous.

Smooth Beans (Stout – Other) – 5.4%

Aroma of roasted coffee, chocolate, and vanilla lead the way! The medium body quickly moves into the smooth bite from the coffee added, and finishes with a faint hint of vanilla.

Easy Sipper (Cream Ale) – 5.8%

Pale straw in color, with subtle hints of sweet corn and vanilla shine through the pale white head. The crisp and clean body finishes with a mild hint of vanilla, making this the perfect “lawnmower” style beer.

**Please note that this list differs from the list of beers currently on tap at Rustic Leaf Brewery. To see the most current beers on tap, check our social media outlets, contact us, or just stop in!**

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