Rustic Leaf Brews 

Newbies (American IPA) –  7.5%

Our all Centennial hopped american IPA. Named after our founder, and his love for this floral and citrusy hop! The Centennial dry hop adds even more to the standard profile of this great american IPA!

Rustic Leaf Amber (Amber/Red) – Flagship – 6.3%

Deep amber in color, malty, clean, with small fruity ester hints from the yeast. A simple, yet complex beer that bears our name, and defines our journey.

Toes In The Sand (American Wheat) 6.8%

An American wheat designed to be enjoyed on those hot summer days. Easy drinking, and perfectly paired for your BBQ. Dry hopped with sweet orange peel, and local honey.

Nice Pear (Hard Cider) 6.3%

A Traditional semi-sweet pear cider.

 Rotating Taps 

Pilsner Doughboy (German Pils) – 5.5%

Brewed just like the classics. A slightly grainy and sweet body, with faint hints of floral, spicey, and herbal German hops.

Van-Choc-Straw (Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout) – 9.0%

A Neapolitan flavored Imperial stout packed with tons of oats. We crammed a bunch of strawberries and chocolate into this beer, and topped it off with vanilla! We threw in some lactose to round out a nice sweet ice cream finish!

Mo-Zay-Ik (American IPA) – 7.5%

Golden amber in color, with a sweet tropical fruit nose. Mosaic hops are the showcase in this amazing libation! Tangerine, Papaya, and bubble gum flood your palate, and finish with a sweet subtle finishing bitter.

Whoa…Black Betty (Black Vienna Lager) – 5.5%

Whoa Black Betty! We took this Vienna lager, and threw in a few dark malts to make your taste buds dance! Clean and malty, with a little roasty finish!

Elbow Patch (E.S.B.) – 7.0%

True to style, our E.S.B. features all english ingredients. The beautiful balance between english malt and hops make this the perfect beer to throw your elbows up on the bar and throw a few back. Named for our English counterparts whom drink so much that the elbows of their coats wear out.

Who Tarted w/Raspberry (Berliner Weiss) – 4.0% ABV

Sour fruity nose, with hints of citrus. Very tart, with a slight dry fruity sour finish.

**Please note that this list may differ from the list of beers currently on tap at Rustic Leaf Brewery. To see the most current beers on tap, check our social media outlets, contact us, or just stop in!**

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